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The Lucky One | Nicholas Sparks | Review

A young U.S Marine finds a photograph of a young women in the mist of war but instead of passing it by he keeps it, thus leading him to have a streak of good luck.  When his tour finally ends he heads home taking the photograph with him, which does not seem to leave his mind. Finally he gives in and decides to search for the young woman in the photograph, he sets off on a journey across America.

The Lucky One is a charming story that details the first meeting and ever building relationship between these two strangers. Two very intriguing and genuinely likable characters, who draw you in so much so that you can’t stop reading or hoping that they finish with their own happy ending. Because at the end of the day if you pull this story apart, forget the extras, writing style and back story it’s a love story. A captivating and enchanting love story which every girl wishes for.

When I first picked up The Lucky One my first thought was ‘will I cry?’ as Sparks seems to have a particular talent for this and as I’m on a run of reading his books, I’ve come to know that it is inevitable. What I love about his novels is that he deals with real life situations, yes I said it was a love story but it deals with so much more than that. The war is a huge theme within the book and dealing with the effects of coming out of it, death of course the two go hand in hand is also another huge theme within this book – and it was this of course which finally reduced me to tears towards the end.

I also watched the film adaptation of The Lucky One only a few days after finishing it (I had watched it before but couldn’t remember it to well). It isn’t quite how I imagined it but I did enjoy the film and thought it was a good adaptation of the book.

I would definitely recommend The Lucky One to any Nicholas Sparks fans and also anyone who loves  a good love story. 

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  1. Great review - I will have to read this book! :)


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