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IOU | Helen Warner | Review

This is a tale of 3 very different women, in 3 very different situations all facing challenges that could rock their very stable worlds. Amy lives in a gorgeously huge house, living the high life, shopping until she drops whilst the Nanny looks after the children.... that is until her husbands business goes down the pan. How will she cope? Kate on the other hand works incredibly hard along with her husband to help support their two children, she has a safe and stable home life. That is until she meets a dreamy stranger... Finally Jennifer who has recently lost her husband, when an old flame pops back into her life, but is the flame still burning?

IOU is set out from the perspective of these three women, each chapter rotating between them. This however is why I dropped it a star, however much it is really interesting to have more than one story line going at once - there is always one i'm less interested in. In this case sadly I struggled to connect with Jennifer story and really didn't like her old flame and therefore I wasn't interested in reading about her life and found myself skimming her chapters to get onto the next.

Aside from that perspective I didn't really enjoy the other story lines, they were realistic, hard hitting and made me question how I would react when facing challenging situations. When I was first introduced with Amy I really thought that she was going to annoy me and it was her story line that I'd be skipping but actually I really enjoyed watching/reading how her characters changed and grew. Kate was different, I was immediately drawn to her story line but spent the whole time unsure as to which was I wanted it to turn out - I didn't agree with how it ended though.

IOU fits perfectly into it's chick lit genre, I enjoyed reading it although it lacked that sparkle the whole way through. I would recommend this book to any chic-lit lovers, it's easy reading and enjoyable.

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