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But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! | Kristy Turner | Review

*Review copy & cover image c/o Netgalley

In her previous cookbook But I Could Never Go Vegan! author Kristy Turner proved that she could in fact give up cheese and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Latest release But My Family Would Never Go Vegan! is another vegan cookbook, this time setting out to tackle the challenge of eating with sceptical relatives once you’ve made the switch. The book kicks off with a humorous introduction where Turner shares her own experiences with adopting a vegan diet and how this affected her family life, before moving on to the 125 recipes.

Interestingly, the sections that follow are not titled by the type of meal or time taken to prepare, but instead the recipes are sorted into chapters each tackling a different issue non-vegan family members may have with vegan options such as “My family demands bacon and eggs for breakfast”, a chapter on vegan breakfast ideas, and “I don’t have time to cook elaborate family dinners”, which shares easy weeknight meal ideas.

The recipes themselves appear to be easy to follow, with lots of full colour images of the final dishes. It is also worth noting that whilst the author isn’t based in the UK, the majority of the ingredients used are readily available in supermarkets or health food stores here. Included at the top of each recipe are icons not only to indicate which recipes are suitable for intolerances or allergies such as soy, gluten and nuts, but also to show which recipes may need prepping in advance and which ones are great as ‘to-go’ options. All of the recipes included in the book are either gluten free or have gluten free options so are perfect for anyone following a gluten free vegan diet. Whilst looking through the selection of recipes I found these icons really useful as a quick reference guide.

In addition, the book also includes handy tips and tricks including information on basic ingredients used in vegan cooking and advice for newbies on making the switch - particularly useful for those overwhelmed by a whole new selection of cupboard staples! Another great little extra is the short guide on how to ‘veganize’ family favourites.

The book’s release date coincides perfectly with the holiday season and could be a very handy helper for anyone who is experiencing these kinds of stresses about catering for larger groups at any family events that may be coming up over the next couple of months!

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