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Baltimore | Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden | Review


Baltimore is a soldier during World War II who just wants to survive long enough to get home to his wife and family. Unfortunately, after an ambush, he awakens to find creatures feeding on the dead bodies. He fights one off, only to have it curse him and begin a plague that spreads throughout the world, a plague Baltimore alone can fight. 


This story is a combination of The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson and just about anything by H. P. Lovecraft. There are many direct quotes from the Anderson's book and Baltimore alludes to it regularly. The rest of the book is reminiscent of short stories written by H. P. Lovecraft. Three of the main characters share stories about why they each have no problems believing Baltimore's story about why the plague is supernatural. Each story, in and of itself, could be the content of a full horror story. 

Mignola and Golden expertly crafted this story of pain, loss,  and supernatural horror to the point where I almost cried at the end. I was also fascinated by the variety of creatures they included in this story and the details they went into for each. The powers and limitations of vampires. The demons that live in the lakes. The giants we don't know to look for. All of it was so impressive and engaging.

Naturally, this is not a book for everyone. Just about every page has something gruesome to it. But if you're okay with that, I really feel like you'll enjoy Baltimore. This book doesn't get as much credit as I feel it deserves. 

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