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The #UnderHypedReads readathon starts tomorrow so in honour of that, today I am sharing a few of my favourite under-hyped books. For the purposes of this I have defined 'under-hyped' as 'having less that 1,000 ratings on GoodReads.' So although I'm sure you may have heard of a couple of these books in the online book community I think they all still need a little extra love.

Set in the 1980s, in a beautiful, crumbling, old manor house, Campari for Breakfast is a funny and moving coming-of-age story. After the death of her mother, Sue Bowl moves into her aunt's beautiful but somewhat neglected manor and, along with the other varied and eccentric residents, explores her passion for writing, a long-hidden family secret, and the boys who work in the local cafe.

Diving Belles is a collection of short stories about husbands lured to the depths of the sea, houses that watch over their inhabitants, and people turned to stone. The stories are varied but they all share elements of the fantastic and Lucy Wood's beautiful writing and a common thread of Cornish folklore runs through them all.

Sofia Khan is Not Obliged shows us Sofia Khan's diary as she juggles her day job, the expectations of her family, her sister's upcoming wedding, a uniquely bad break-up, her friends' love lives, and her boss's new idea that Sofia should write a book on Muslim dating. Of course, the fake dates for the book swiftly turn into not-so-fake feelings for Sofia to juggle on top of everything else.

In Lorali, Rory, a teenage boy in a seaside town, finds a girl on the beach under the pier. Only after he begins to help her does Rory discover that Lorali is a mermaid and she's missed not only under the sea, but by the sea itself. Then the pirates arrive. Lorali is a really unique story told from the very poetic, alternating perspectives of Lorali, Rory, and The Sea.

The Cornish Coast Murder is a classic, cosy murder mystery. A magistrate is found shot in the head in his own home in the small Cornish village of Boscawen. With seemingly no clues for the police to follow, the local vicar, Reverend Dodd, a big fan of detective novels, soon finds himself involved in the investigation.

What are your favourite under-hyped books that you think deserve more love?

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