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Book Confessions #4 | Unread Books

Today we're back with another Book Confessions post and this time we're talking unread books. We shared the anonymous confession "I love buying books. I have sixty books in my room which still haven't been read yet!" with our contributors and asked for their thoughts on the subject...

"Do I have unread books? Excuse me a minute while I roll on the floor in laughter. *takes a minute* At the last Dewey Readathon, I thought a good challenge would be to make a dent in the books I haven’t read yet. I quickly had to change this challenge because there were just too many books. And this isn’t even counting all of the free ebooks that I’ve never even looked at after buying! Free ebooks are just so tantalizing! Book sales are almost impossible to ignore! The only time I hesitate to buy books that I’m not sure I’ll read right away is when they are full price. It’s just gotten so much easier to amass large quantities of books. I’m actually interested to see at what point the availability-to-read-time ratio levels out or bottoms out."

"I have a ton of unread books on my TBR list, which keeps getting a little bigger every time I watch a Booktube video, or I read a blog post/review. I keep meaning to get the books but I keep forgoing that in favour of buying all new books each time I'm in the bookstore. Oops!"

"I don't even want to think about the amount of books I have on my shelf that have been sat there unread. The thing about buying books is that I rarely feel guilty about buying them. It's not like new clothes or make-up or even a cheat meal. 'Books are good for me. They further my knowledge of of the world!' I tell myself as the cashier at Waterstones rings up another three...that will inevitably find themselves sat on my TBR shelf months on end..."

"I don't generally buy books unless I know I will read them, although I do have a number of 'double' copies of books that I've read, because I've found newer editions with fun covers, such as when the Jane Austen novels were revamped."

"I don't actually have a tbr pile because I buy books when I want to read them. However, I am guilty of taking way too many books at a time out of the library!"

"I have a TBR stack that I don't have any hope of getting through. I can't stop buying books (this week I picked up 11!) and they go on the top of the pile. The ones I have had a while just don't look as appealing anymore, languishing at the bottom of the stack..."

"I'm a sucker for bargain bins and charity store finds. You can pick up so many books for so little money! But it does mean that, yes, probably over half the books in my room are unread. I've just count, and I currently have 305 books on my shelves, and 142 are unread. That's pretty bad. However! I am reading the books I own, and haven't been to the library in months, so I can actually get through these ones."

If you have a book confession of your own let us know via email & we may feature it in a future post! -

Thank you to all of our anonymous contributors!

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