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Wither | Lauren Destefano | Review

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)

Hello fellow book worms, let me tell you about the amazing first book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Wither.

Wither is set in the future where a virus takes hold of girls when they reach the age of 20 and attacks boys at the age of 25. In this world, the need to reproduce is ten times more important so that they can keep the world populated, until they can find a cure. The story is told from Rhine Ellery's point of view, sixteen years old from Manhattan. The book starts with Rhine being kidnapped and sold to a wealthy man called Linden, twenty years of age and looking for wives. Rhine is chosen alongside two other girls and together they live in Linden's massive mansion. Rhine quickly makes it her mission to escape in any way possible and find her way back to her twin brother, Rowan. Even though the girls are told they can do anything they want, they still feel confined in ths prison. Also there is something slightly off about Rhine's father-in-law. He's always sneaking off into the basement which the girls are not allowed to venture. Can she find a way out?

This book had to be one of the books that got me into science fiction. I remember reading the second or third page and was instantly compelled to just keep reading. Even though the chapters are a bit long at times, I was tearing through the pages. This had to be because of the brilliant writing style and the amazing storyline that Lauren Destefano has. There are lots of twists in the series so you are in for a rollercoaster of a book. As I was reading, there were points when I was really into it that I was feeling scared for a certain character or nervous. There aren't many books which make me feel like that. I think the reason for this was that I really bonded with the characters. All of the likeable characters are really really likable and you really want it to turn out happy for them. However there are characters which I hated with a passion because of the things they do.

I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to try something new. It is a sci-fi book so if you want to get into that particular genre, then I recommend you give this book a go. The second book in this series is already out and it is called Fever. The last installment comes out in a couple of weeks so I am very excited to see how Rhine's story ends. I must also say, that the author definitely leaves you with a cliffhanger after each book which leaves you dying for more. I'm definitely giving this book a five star rating because it definitely deserves it. Check it out!

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This book was reviewed by regular reviewer Lucy, find out more about her here!
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  1. BRILLIANT review! Thoughtful, detailed and honest, it gave me a gist of the novel and an idea of what to expect, but it still had your inputs in it. I'm so excited to read this one now!

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