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Features | An Unintentional Book Buying Ban

As I write this post, we're 166 days into 2019 and as yet I haven't added any new books to my collection this year. Not even one little Kindle Daily Deal purchase...

Whilst a book buying ban wasn't on my bookish goals list for 2019 (please ignore how badly I'm doing with my reviews goal...) I've somehow ended up on an unintentional ban, but that doesn't mean I've been reading less.

One of the big contributors to my lack of spending on books has been downloading Borrow Box, the app my local library uses for ebook and audiobook loans. Earlier this year I picked up a paperback copy of Maureen Johnson's Truly Devious from the library and having enjoyed it so much I was keen to pick up the sequel right away. Unfortunately, my library didn't have a physical copy, but I discovered they did have the ebook available through Borrow Box and this made my decision to sign up and try out this alternative way to borrow books. Whilst reading on my phone's tiny screen isn't necessarily my preferred way to consume books, I have really enjoyed the convenience of using Borrow Box. So far, I've borrowed around 8 ebooks and 5 audiobooks, with several more on reserve at the moment.

Another thing I believe has changed my bookish spending habits this year is my reading spreadsheet. This was something I set up at the beginning of 2018 as a way to track not just my reads across the year but also the books I purchased and whether I read those new additions or not. Last year I read around 65% of the books I bought and I feel like this percentage was so high because I was keeping track of them all. I've also gone on to read approximately another 10% of the books this year, leaving just 25% still sitting on the TBR unread, where I feel that previously this number would have been much higher.

So when will the ban be broken? Well, I currently have my eye on pre-ordering The Toll (Neal Shusterman) which is due out in November... 

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