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White Rabbit, Red Wolf | Tom Pollock | Review

That's right, I'm finally coming at you with a book review. I've been slowly crawling out of a reading slump and a lot of that is down to this book. I was so engrossed with it that I read it in one weekend. This isn't the kind of book that you can take your time with.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I received a proof of White Rabbit, Red Wolf months ago (that's why my copy looks a little different) but for a variety of reasons, I hadn't got around to reading it yet. I picked it up on a whim a couple of weekends ago and absolutely devoured it.

White Rabbit, Red Wolf is the story of Peter Blankman, a maths genius who is afraid of everything. Peter is terrified that his anxiety will ruin his mum's big day but when disaster strikes, Peter finds himself caught up in a web of lies he does not know how to untangle. He is well beyond his comfort zone but determined to help his family in anyway he can.

From the moment this disaster hits, White Rabbit, Red Wolf becomes a fast paced and thrilling read, with more twists than I could ever anticipate. This is a book that sweeps you up until you feel just as lost as Peter. It is bigger and better than anything I could have imagined when I read the first few pages. I don't wan't to spoil anything for you so I won't say anything more but just know that I would be very, very surprised if you managed to read this and not be on the edge of your seat.

This is a crafted and calculating writing that you can't help but fall in love with.

I'm not usually a thriller person but I don't see how you could not enjoy this book! I was utterly hooked and even shouted 'No!' out loud when I got to the ending, much to my housemate's shock and subsequent humour.

Kelly x

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