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Eve of Man | Giovanna & Tom Fletcher | Review

It would be exceptionally difficult not to have heard of Giovanna & Tom Fletcher at this point as these guys have a lot of strings to their bows. Among other things, they are both published and celebrated writers. Now, I haven't actually read any of their previous works but the synopsis of Eve of Man, their first joint novel, really caught my attention. It also helped that it has an absolutely gorgeous cover, which appealed to the bookish magpie in me.

When it was decided that my dad owed me a book, this was my first choice. I swiftly bumped it up my vast TBR and I'm glad that I prioritised it.

This is the story of Eve, the first female to be born in fifty years. Surviving against the odds, Eve is kept safe in a tower far above the violent riots of the city. She is happy in the knowledge that she can save the world, if she only does exactly what she is told.  Until she meets Bram and realises that she has been lied to. Now, she wants freedom and control - the two things she has always been denied.

This is a good book, which weaves in some interesting ideas about freedom and sacrifice that I found particularly interesting. I also loved the characters of Eve and Bram and how they interacted. It was a refreshingly positive relationship and I was definitely rooting for them. The dystopian society they had found themselves in certainly made it difficult for them to figure out their changing relationship. In fact, I would love to find out more about the world itself in the later books that we have been promised. I think it holds a lot of potential that I would like to see explored.

While this book didn't blow me away, I did really enjoy it and it was a lovely bit of escapism. I would recommend it, especially if you are lucky enough to have a holiday lined up. I think it would be the perfect read for devouring by the pool.

Kelly x

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