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Wing Jones | Katherine Webber | Review

If you're looking for an un-put-down-able book, look no further than Katherine Webber's Wing Jones. It was so good that I read it in one setting, even staying up way past my bedtime to finish it. I'm usually desperate for my bed on an evening and tend not to read before I go to sleep but for a book as good as Wing Jones, I made an exception.

But what is it all about?

Wing Jones is all about a young woman called... you guessed it, Wing Jones. She is not quite where she belongs but when her family is dealt a tragic blow, she discovers a wonderful talent for running that she never knew that she had. On the track, she finds the peace and friendship that she had always longed for but never really known how to find.

Watching Wing's character development was a genuine pleasure. From those first bumbling, awkward teenage crushes to the strength and raw emotion she shows in the face of tragedy, I loved her so very, very much.

The character is the real strength of the novel, to the point that it felt like an honour to read her story. This is also paired with a superb plot, which is both brilliantly realistic and all kinds of creative all at once. There are some really wonderful and strange elements to the narrative that make it feel utterly magical while still being rooted in a recognisable world.

I almost wish that I hadn't read this or could conveniently forget everything about it just so that I can experience how fantastic it is all over again.

Kelly x

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