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For most of us September is synonymous with back to school season. Even now, when I’m not heading back to the land of new classes and coursework, I still have it on my mind. If you do too, you might well enjoy this back to school reading list. Forget the lists you might get for classes, this is the one that matters.

  1. This wouldn’t be a post of school themed recommendations without mentioning Harry Potter, would it? Whether you’re diving into the wizarding world for the first time or due a reread, start with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and go from there. If you really want to treat yourself, you should have a read of the illustrated editions!
  2. When it came to taking the photos for this post, I couldn’t find my copy of The School of Good and Evil anywhere so you’ll have to use your imagination for a moment. Fairytale-esque, this book focuses on two young girls who are sent to the schools of good and evil respectively but not the one they were expecting to. It’s great at challenging preconceptions and a really imaginative story!
  3. I am Malala is a fantastic book about one girl’s fight for an education. When the Taliban tries to stop girls from going to school, Malala fights back and becomes a global inspiration.
  4. If you’re looking for a book about struggling to fit in at school, I couldn’t recommend The Art of Being Normal enough. It’s a phenomenal and diverse book about friendship, personal identity and the struggle to fit in.
  5. If, like me, you’re not going back to any formal education this year, you might be looking for some non-fiction to keep you on your toes. Ice Cream for Breakfast is a brilliant book which aims to help you reconnect with your inner child and worry less. There are some very important lessons contained within this book!
  6. Maybe classics are on your mind when it comes to back to school. In that case, you should read Agnes Grey, the wonderful novel by Anne Bronte. It follows a governess and her not-so-wonderful charges.
  7. Finally, if school isn’t your favourite thing and you’re looking for some escapism, you should check out Illuminae. Put all thoughts of homework and early mornings to the back of your mind with an epic space adventure.

What would you put on your back to school reading list?

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