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Blue Moon Vegan | Paula Marie Coomer & Jan Calvert | Review

*Review copy & cover image c/o Netgalley 


In Blue Moon Vegan author Paula Marie Coomer, who also penned Blue Moon Vegetarian, talks about her personal journey and reasons for becoming vegan, including reference to popular documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. She also explains why she was keen for all of the recipes to also be gluten free and to achieve this enlisted the help of gluten free bakery owner Jan Calvert.

Blue Moon Vegan includes over 100 recipes, all of which are both vegan and gluten free, as well as lots of other useful information and resources. The book also shares helpful tips on buying organic produce and essential cupboard staples for the vegan diet.

The recipes included cover every meal of the day as well as extras like ‘on the go’ snacks and smoothies. There were quite a few recipes that I bookmarked and would like to try, including the Mighty Fine Taco Salad, Oat-Walnut Burgers and Foccacia. Personally I always prefer when recipe books have images of the finished products and whilst many of Blue Moon Vegan’s are accompanied by large colour photographs unfortunately not every recipe has this.

At the end of the book there is a short section including information on where to buy supplies and resources used for the book - it is worth noting that some of the information may not be relevant to readers who are based outside of the US. There is also a handy list of protein content found in a whole host of vegan and gluten free foods meaning you don’t have to worry about where you will get your protein if you decide to make the switch.

Whilst this book would be great for anyone following a vegan and/or gluten free diet I also think a lot of the recipes could be adapted to suit other diets, keeping the whole family happy!

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