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Adulthood Is a Myth - A Sarah Scribbles Collection | Sarah Anderson | Review

Are you a special snowflake? 

Do you enjoy networking to advance your career? 

Is adulthood an exciting new challenge for which you feel fully prepared? 

Ugh. Please go away.

If you've spent anytime at all on the internet then you have probably come across Sarah Scribbles (aka Sarah Anderson). She's an artist who draws fantastically relatable content in cartoon strip form, and nearly all of them are 'so true' moments.

I recently bought this book for my friend as a gift, and it is fantastic.

Sarah's drawing bring out the real life in every situation. They're not cute and fluffy (although there are bunnies!), nor are they of dreams being fulfilled by people who have their lives together, but they all of us. They perfectly depict the young adult (and perhaps older!) and the real life struggles that 'adulting' bring.

Each strip documents things like what you could do when the WiFi is down, about social media and the internet, how one reacts to reading and books, what's socially acceptable ... and on and on it goes. Sarah so accurately depicts life as a young adult and the things that a) we don't know, b) the things we thought we knew, c) the things we never knew, and d) the things we will never understand.

If you're looking for a fun gift for your favourite young adult (or teen who gets to be one soon enough! Or middle-ager who wonders what it's like being in your 20s in 2016), then this is a goodie.

Here is one of my favourites from the book (which you can pick up on Book Depository and Amazon), which definitely is me every time I cook something:

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