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I'll Be Home For Christmas | Various | Review

*Review copy c/o Netgalley

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a new collection of short stories and poems all inspired by 'home', a word that means so many different things to so many different people. The anthology features works from a selection of UK YA authors who have teamed up to raise money and awareness for Crisis, the national charity for homeless people. From tales of hardship to those that explore various relationships, each author has a very unique interpretation of the theme, creating a diverse collection that truly has something for everyone.

Stories/poems included are as follows:
  • Home And Away, Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Ghosts Of Christmas Past, Non Pratt
  • If Only In My Dreams, Marcus Sedgwick
  • Family You Choose, Cat Clarke
  • The Associates, Kevin Brooks
  • The Afterschool Club, Holly Bourne
  • Homo For Christmas, Juno Dawson
  • Amir And George, Sita Brahmachari
  • The Letter, Tracy Darnton
  • Claws, Tom Becker
  • Christmas, Take Two, Katy Cannon
  • When Daddy Comes Home, Melvin Burgess
  • The Bluebird, Julie Mayhew
  • Routes And Wings, Lisa Williamson

As with any anthology there were some stories I liked more than others but overall I really enjoyed exploring the variety of interpretations of the theme as well as all of the different writing styles. Some stories were upsetting, some terrifying, others heartwarming, but all were thought-provoking.

For every copy of the book sold £1 will be donated to Crisis.

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