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Lolcatz, Santa, and Death by Dog | Andrew Masterson | Review

*Image and book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


A non-fiction collection of unusual scientific studies. Many of these studies challenge a lot of what we take for granted, especially with regards to our eating habits and understanding of online culture.


Yes, this is a non-fiction book, but don't take that to mean that it is boring. This book is a wonderful combination of informative and humorous. Admittedly, some of the stories do not lend themselves to humor, but they are well balanced with those that are. 

There was a relatively diverse array of types of research, but I found that the majority were about diet. Why do popular foods come in and out fashion? What is the logic behind the SLOW food movement? Are GMO free foods possible? I was very happy to find that research supports my addiction choice to drink coffee. 

I also appreciate Masterson's tone throughout the book. It really felt like you were having a fun discussion over dinner or drinks. I consider the vast majority of these stories to be good topics for discussion if you're like me and need to practice things to say or talk about. Really the only thing I didn't like was that the book had no bibliography. Fortunately each segment provides enough information that, should you wish to verify the stories, you can find them.

If you're in the market for an informative read about several topics, would like your own opinions/logic questioned or confirmed, or would just like to find out how Lolcatz can bring down a government, I highly recommend this book. You will find something to interest you and others.

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