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Bookish Links #16

Welcome to April's first edition of Bookish Links, the monthly post where we share some of our favourite blog post, articles, videos and more from around the web. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a look at what we've been enjoying lately...

1. Bookish Prizes - the lovely Jennie over at The Book Journal has been sharing lots of posts on book prizes lately, and we've been loving her round ups!

2. Sharing The Library Love - we loved Heather's chatty video all about libraries. Do you use your local library? Let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments section!

3. 'Strong Female Characters' - this interesting article from Amber over at The Mile Long Bookshelf will have you thinking twice before you use this particular term in your future reviews. What are your thoughts on the topic?

4. Blitz Your TBR - if you need some tips on organising your reading for the rest of the year, Bee's post has you covered. Check out her ten easy steps, including our favourite - buddy reads!

5. A Gift Idea - we love this print from taryndraws Etsy store, which would be the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm! It would look great framed on your bookshelf or displayed in your favourite reading nook.

6. World Book Day Roundup! - last month saw the latest World Book Day and in celebration Stacey shared mini reviews of the releases, including titles by two of our favourite authors Rainbow Rowell & Juno Dawson!

7. Dressed To Impress - we loved Alexa's post which pairs beautiful book covers designed by Anna Bond with equally beautiful dresses! Which one is your favourite? We think we'd have to go for the dark red Alice-inspired number!

8. Reading Regularly - if you're looking to build a regular reading routine, check out Leanne's great list of tips. There's always a way to fit more reading into your daily routine!

9. Bookish Delights! - we really enjoyed Jamie's list of book-related experiences she loves, including the smell of a new book and finding underrated gems! Which 'delights' would make your list?

10. Speed Read - how fast do you read? In this post Alise talks about the downside to being a fast reader. Can you relate to these issues?

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!   

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