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Since Forever Ago | Olivia Besse-Whitaker | Review

Since Forever Ago is about Riley, a 21 year old going through a break-up with her long-term boyfriend with her two best girl friends by her side. After deciding to become a dating expert, Riley's best friend Max 'helps' with her journey by giving her awful tips on what guys like to see in a girl in the hope of turning her off dating and potentially driving her into his arms. 

The most noticeable aspect of this book was its characters. As Olivia Besse felt the need to point out in a recent Goodreads post, she wanted the characters to be realistic 21 year olds with insecurities, melodramatic tendencies who are at times, a little clueless. As a 22 year old myself, I sort of agree that Olivia achieved this, but sort of don't at the same time. Yes this age group tend to dramatise relationships ending and are sometimes a little clueless when it comes to dating, but I personally have never met a person this stupid or this obsessed with guys. A lot of the way the characters act within the book is accurate to the new adult age group (obsessing over guys, internet stalking, having immature views on dating, partying) but I have never met anybody who only focuses on these things. If Riley had been a more rounded character, with other interests and hobbies being portrayed, she would have been much more relatable. The book as a whole would have been more rounded if it contained something other than the message that every twenty-one year old's life revolves around guys and little else. 

Despite this, the book was fairly enjoyable to read. The writing was fun to read and super-quick to get through. It would be interesting to read more of Olivia's work in the future but for now, if you'd like a fun, one-dimensional NA novel to kill some time, Since Forever Ago is a pretty good choice. 

*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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