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Bookish Links #12

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you're all enjoying yourselves whatever you've been up to this week. Once again it's time to catch up on some of our favourite reads from around the web, here are a handful of the articles we've been loving lately...

1/ Big Screen Fairytales - with the recent buzz surrounding the final book in the series we've been dreaming about The Lunar Chronicles being brought to life on screen. As it turns out everyone else has too, and Caitlin over at Bustle shared her dream cast. Which actors would you love to see play Cinder, Cress, Scarlet, Winter and co.?

2/ Bookworm Problems - Ali's post focusing on the struggles of a bookworm is a great read that definitely got us thinking about our own bookish habits! How many of these can you relate to?

3/ In A Parallel Universe... - this fun post from Quirk Books explores the idea of what would happen if our favourite girl on fire Katniss Everdeen found herself in some other famous dystopian settings.

4/ Most-Read Authors - this post all about most-read authors definitely got us thinking about which names would make our own lists! Who are your most-read authors? We'd love you to let us know in the comments section below.

5/ Best Books On Ballet - this recent Book Riot article has some brilliant ideas if you're looking to add a ballet book or two to your 2016 TBR. Have you read any of these titles yet? Let us know in the comments section!

6/ The Disney Effect - Laura's clever post takes a closer look at how Disney adaptations have changed some of the most well-known fairytales into something completely different. From The Little Mermaid to Tangled, you may never look at your favourite in the same way again!

7/ The Best Of 2015 - if you're searching for more titles to add to your 2016 TBR take a peek at this list featuring thirteen of 2015's best that you may have missed out on this year.

8/ Pen Pals - we adore the idea of the Blogger Positivity Campaign and enjoyed reading responses to the recent prompt "Letter to a Fictional Character that Inspired or Helped You!", including this one from Aila. Which character would you choose to write to and why?

9/ Living In A Fantasy World - blogger Katarina recently shared 3 reasons to read Fantasy and we couldn't agree with her more! Will you be adding any Fantasy titles to your 2017 TBR?

10/ Seasonal Re-reads? -  we really enjoyed reading about why Amanda prefers to save re-reads for the festive period! Is there a specific time of year that you like to pick up old favourites? Or do you prefer to stick to new reads during the holidays?

11/ One For Your (2017) TBR - Divergent fans rejoice! Author Veronica Roth has recently been talking about her next release (her first outside of the Divergent series) over on her Tumblr page. It's going to be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy tale and we can't wait to find out more!

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!  

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