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My Granny's Great Escape | Jeremy Strong | Review

Nicholas's granny is in love with the next door neighbor's father. The family think it's great and the two start to embark on quite the romance, that is until Mr Tugg and Nicholas's Dad decide to put a stop to their shenanigans. But don't worry Granny has a few tricks up her sleeve. 

Another humorous and entertaining story by Jeremy, this family unit which he has cleverly created never seem to get boring. Each character is uniquely individual yet likable and Granny (who this story focuses on) is no exception. She is what every child would like their Grandma to be like, loving, caring but with a crazy wild side. 

Dad causes a lot of the problems in this story, his over protective nature causes him and his Mother to clash and Granny is sent to her room like a naughty child (which of course made all the children laugh). Her love interest Lancelot is always around to save this day and comes up with numerous adventurous inventive ways to get to see Granny and also help her escape. 

This is another entertaining read, one that both children and adults will enjoy reading so if you've read some of his work already don't leave this one off the list. 

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