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Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #1-5 | Louise Rennison | Review



This series of books covers the trials and tribulations of life as a teenage girl in the UK as Georgia Nicolson details her dramatic life through journal entries. The first book in this series has been previously review here and much like Taylah's review this book was my childhood favourite. So therefore when I spotted the entire set of books (all 10) on offers for just £20 I had to grab them and of course re-read from the very beginning. I had previously read the first 4 or so books (from what I can remember from all those years ago) but started write back at the beginning, however rather than reviewing 1 book at a time I thought I'd split the book set in 2. So here's the first part of this review...

This series of books retells Georgia's teenage years in the form of journal entries, not long and boring entries, but usually quite short, witty and entertaining entries which mostly detail what is going on in her head. Readers come to experience everyday events in her life but also how her brain is processing the information or rather how it's having a meltdown.

This series of books I find absolutely perfect for the young adult age range in which it is targeted at. It's light-hearted and easy to read but also tackles some serious issues which every teenage girl has in their minds at some point, including boyfriend issues, body issues, crazy family members, divorce, school issues and feeling like nobody else understands. 

The main focus of course is around the theme of luuurrveee, Georgia always has her eye on someone and also... everyone. Of course it is Robbie 'Sex God' who cat catches her eye to start with, the older 'man' having a big appeal as he stares in a local band called The Stuff Dylans. As we move through this series of books we then meet Masimo the Italian luuurrrrvvve God and of course Dave the Laugh appears to save the day in every book so far! 

I was jubious about reading these books again as an adult and reading the next book in the series however I have enjoyed them just as much as when I first read them. They make me laugh, reminisce and they remind of what life as a teenager was like (I think we'd all agree we'd rather not go back there again!). I would definitely recommended and I'm looking forward to reading the next 5 in the series. 

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