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The Elites | Natasha Ngan | Review


In Natasha Ngan’s debut novel we meet Silver, an Elite chosen to protect her country thanks to her superior DNA, who is faced with her most important task yet – protecting Neo-Babel’s president as he gives a speech. When Silver not only fails to complete her task but also recognises his assassin things take a turn for the worse. Soon her parents are mysteriously taken from the city and Silver, alongside life-long best friend and fellow Elite Butterfly, embarks on an adventure beyond the city’s limits desperate to be reunited with her family.

The story itself was full of action and felt to me like it could be well-suited to a cinematic adaptation. With a variety of characters ranging from the Elites to the Ghosts and the Pigeons; an anti-birthchip group, the world of Neo-Babel was certainly an intriguing world to fall into. Towards the end of the book the plot became even more action-packed with twists, turns, a little romance and many casualties; all of the ingredients for a great dystopian tale.

It has become increasingly difficult to find unique titles within the overcrowded YA dystopian genre however The Elites offers an unusual setting paired with an impressive writing style which together made for a refreshing read. Well-paced and packed with plenty of action The Elites is an enjoyable read for fans of the dystopian genre.


  1. Seems interesting.

    Great review! :)

  2. This sounds interesting indeed! I agree, it's hard to find unique and interesting books in this genre so this is probably worth reading :)


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