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Dickens at Christmas | Charles Dickens | Review

I saw this beautiful collection of Dickens Christmas stories in Waterstones in mid-November, and was desperate to buy it. It’s beautiful, right? It features Dickens Christmas stories – A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The Battle of Life, The Cricket on the Hearth, and The Haunted Man, but also stories that Dickens wrote for the special seasonal editions of his periodicals All the Year Round and Household Words and a festive tale from The Pickwick Papers. And although it’s not Christmas anymore, Dickens is a timeless author that really doesn’t need to be confined to one time of year.

I haven’t really read much Dickens. I’ve read Oliver Twist, but it was a few years ago. Does this make me a bad Brit? Oops. But this collection was so beautiful, and I’ve wanted to read more classic literature that I literally couldn’t let this pass me by.

The first story featured is from The Pickwick Papers and honestly I found it quite hard to get through. However, straight after that it went straight into A Christmas Carol, which I really enjoyed. This was probably in part because I knew the story, but it allowed me to immerse myself in Dickens writing style and from there I was able to enjoy the other stories. My favourite of the stories was probably The Haunted Man. It’s much more of a grisly tale than the much loved A Christmas Carol. However, it’s a truly moving tale and I absolutely loved it.

I am so glad I bought this collection of stories. It looks beautiful on my bookshelf and I’m sure I’m going to bring it out every winter to read it through. 

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  1. My favourite Dickens is Great Expectations. Really good, easy, absorbing read. What a lovely collection!
    Claire xx
    somewhere... beyond the sea

    1. I will put it on my reading list! :) x

  2. i nearly bought this! i so wish i had xx

    1. I ummed and ahh'd over it, mainly because of the price! x

  3. What a beautiful book. My boyfriend brought me something similar for Christmas, and it was a clothbound version of A Christmas Carol, but it included other stories too. :) I plan on reading a different Dickens christmas tale every Christmas now. :)

    I look forward to seeing if the The Haunted Man is in the version I have. :) x

    1. I'm definitely going to break out this collection every Christmas! Yours sounds lovely too - I love the clothbound editions of all the classics which are coming out x

  4. Can I copy some of this post, if a put a link back to your blog?
    jeux de flash


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