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World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War | Max Brooks | Review

"They say great times make great men. I don't buy it. I saw a lot of weakness, a lot of filth. People who should have risen to the challenge and either couldn't or wouldn't. Greed, fear, stupidity and hate. I saw it before the war, I see it today. [...] I don't know if great times make great men, but I know they can kill them.” - Max Brooks, Word War Z
If you have read a few of my posts here at Blogger's Bookshelf you know that I'm a big zombie fan. I want you to keep that in mind because I'm pretty sure that is going to reflect this review. But now when you're aware of that, let's roll...

World War Z has a really interesting concept. It's written like a documentary book even if it's obviously based on fiction (there hasn't been a world war against Zombies that I know of). The book consists of interviews with people that in different ways played an important role in the World War Z (yes, that was the world war against zombies that I just talked about). That pretty much concludes what the books is all about.

This is not my favorite zombie novel, but it's one of the most interesting ones I've read. Max Brooks truly knows his zombies and the details in this books is massively impressive. If you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse you would love to have Max Brooks number, because he would know what to do! Max Brook's sense of detail is amazing. This man have thought about everything! It gives you the feeling that you're reading about something that have actually happened. It's kind of scary sometimes... I really found many of the chapters really intriguing and interesting and I had to discuss many of the scenarios with anyone who was around to listen. It really gets your head spinning and that my friends, that's always a good thing!

But even if I'm a die hard zombie fan I have to confess that there was a few things that I struggled with while I read this book. The book is divided into so many different chapters and every chapter is an interview with a new person. That makes the characters a bit alienated from you. You never get to know them and you never start caring about them (there's a few exceptions though, there was a few stories that actually touched my heart on a more personal level). And in the same way as I found many of the interviews interesting I also struggled with quite a few. Not having any interest in anything that has to do with the military I found the chapters that were full of military terms and strategy quite boring and hard to get through.

Over all I really enjoyed many aspects about this book and I really admire Max Brooks for his work. This is a must read for every zombie fan! But there was also too many parts that I actually struggled with to give it a 5 star rating. So I give World War Z 4/5 stars.

And by the way, I'm really excited to see the movie that's based on this book and that's coming out this summer. I've been excited about it since I first saw the trailer a few months ago. You can go and watch the trailer here.

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