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Features | 5 Ways To Step Out Of Your Reading Comfort Zone

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This year I've really enjoyed starting to break away from my usual go-to genres and have discovered some great reads along the way. With the new year fast-approaching many readers will be thinking about setting new reading goals for 2018 and continuing to step out of my reading comfort zone will definitely be one of mine. If stepping out of your reading comfort zone is high on your to-do list for the year ahead here are a few ideas to help you get started...

Ask For A Recommendation

Sometimes bookshops or libraries can be kind of overwhelming if you want to leave the comfort of your favourite section. If you’re shopping with friends or family, why not ask them to pick out something a little different for you? If you’re browsing alone ask a bookseller or librarian, it’s likely they love books just as much as you do and would be happy to share their favourites with you. Many bookshops also have signs highlighting staff-recommended titles on the shelf edges which can be a real help if you're stuck for ideas.

Hit The Charity Shops

Charity shops are a brilliant place to buy books without breaking the bank, plus you’re giving back to charity whilst picking up new reads; it's a win-win! If you want to try out a new genres and authors but aren't sure where to start this is a great way to do it - you never know, you might just stumble across something you love! If you don’t end up enjoying the books you can always donate them back to the charity for someone else to buy and enjoy.

Challenge Yourself

There are lots of online reading challenges you can join in with and share updates on your blog or social media throughout the year like I've been doing here during 2017. If you're not sure where to start I'd recommend having a look at the Popsugar Reading Challenge which has a wide variety of prompts each year, many of which are sure to help you step outside of your comfort zone. Why not download the 2018 challenge list to use as a starting point for your search for new reads?

Sign Up For A Surprise

Subscription boxes are everywhere these days, we’ve even shared several in past editions of our Bookish Links series, although sadly I'm yet to try any out for myself. Book And A Brew send out a monthly mystery hardcover plus a box of tea and Bookishly select a mystery vintage book along with stationery and your choice of tea or coffee. Alternatively try a blind date book from The Book Matchmaker where you have just four words to base your selection on! Again, these come with tea or an alternative hot drink to enjoy whilst you read and are beautifully wrapped making them great gifts too.

Join A Book Club

Book clubs are perfect for discovering titles that you never would have picked out for yourself and it can be really interesting to hear other people's opinions and interpretations. Whether it be a work/school book club, a celebrity one or even our soon to be launched BB book club (hint hint!) they are a great way to step out of that comfort zone and try books you’ve never heard of or wouldn’t normally consider. Why not start with our January book club pick?

What are your top tips for stepping out of your reading comfort zone?

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