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Features | 75th Anniversary Of The Famous Five, by Enid Blyton

On September 11th, 1942 we welcomed into the world the very first of what would become a long series of 21 Famous Five books by the wonderful Enid Blyton.

I grew up reading the stories of The Adventurous Four, The Secret Seven, The Wishing Chair, The Magic Faraway Tree, and of course, The Famous Five. While I was always more into the stories of Silky, Saucepan Man and Moon-Face as they ventured in different lands at the top of the biggest tree in the forest (The Faraway Tree series), I remember reading my way through many a Famous Five story when I was younger.

The very first Famous Five book (which was published on the 11th of Sep) was Famous Five: Five on Treasure Island. It told the story of siblings Julian, Dick, and Anne, and their summer at their Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny's house. When they arrive they meet their cousin Georgina ('George'), and her dog Timmy. George takes her cousins to Kirrin Island, and on the way she shows them the shipwreck in the bay. Rumour has it there was gold in the ship which was never discovered, even when the divers went searching for it.

As a storm rolls in, the child take shelter on the island, but the ship gets thrown up onto the beach. From there, the story follows the Famous Five as they explore the ship, discover old relics, and suddenly get hot on the trail of exciting clues which will potentially lead them to the treasure lost to the sea. But someone else is after the treasure too, and they can't get there first.

Five on Treasure Island was the first in a long series which entertained children for decades. I, for one, am very glad that Blyton started the Famous Five series (and all her others!), as I can't imagine my childhood without them.

Happy 75th birthday, Famous Five!

Let us know your favourite childhood novels!

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