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Bookish Links #8

Welcome to another Bookish Links, the monthly post where we share some of our recent favourite reads from around the web! Here are some of the articles we've been loving lately...

1/ Which Fangirl Are You? - here at BB we're big fans of Rainbow Rowell's writing and have a soft spot for her YA novel Fangirl. This fun Buzzfeed quiz will tell you which of the novel's characters you're most like - don't forget to let us know who you get!

2/ All About Alice - our very own Ria shared a roundup of beautiful Alice In Wonderland covers in celebration of the book's 150th anniversary. There are so many amazing ones to choose from, but which design is your favourite?

3/ Nerdy Charts - we love this graphics from Epic Reads which we're sure you'll all be able to relate to!

4/ Writing Tips - Bee's post shares some brilliant advice for writing short stories, after reading it we're feeling very inspired! If you're looking to start, or get back into, penning some of your own stories this fab post is definitely worth a read.

5/ Do The Twist - if you're on the lookout for a book with an incredible twist, look no further. This roundup post from Bookbub Blog lists eleven great titles to choose from, all with unexpected plot twists!

6/ Looking Forward - in this 'top five' post Ali shares the upcoming 2015 releases she's most excited to read. We love Ali's choices, but which books would make your list?

7/ Ready Player Two? - the team over at Goodreads shared another brilliant interview recently, this time with Ready Player One and Armada author Ernest Cline. He talks about both of his geeky novels (there's even talk of sequels!) as well as the upcoming RPO adaptation set to be directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.

8/ The Big Issues - in a recent post blogger Beth discussed the importance of big issues within YA literature, something that we feel isn't always talked about enough, and shared a personal story of how they can truly make a real difference.

9/ Paper Houses - Louise shared a lovely post all about some amazing cut paper collages created by Amanda White. Each image depicts the house of a well-known English author, from Beatrix Potter to John Keats.

10/ Reading By Numbers - our final post of this month's roundup comes from Joséphine, who sparked an interesting discussion with her recent post on quantified reading. Do you find target numbers helpful or stressful when it comes to reading?

Don't forget to leave us links to any bookish articles you've written or enjoyed reading recently!   

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