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Batpants and the Vanishing Elephant | Jeremy Strong | Review

Batpants is back again for another adventure, but this time she has a friend in tow. A mega-massive delivery turns up on their drive and only one thing could fill that box - an elephant (named Fudge). Suddenly one day the elephant vanishes! Kidnapped for the ransom of 2 MILLION pounds - there's only one thing to do, they much save Fudge!

This is another hit from Strong, another hilarious, mind-boggling plot line which keeps all children engaged and entranced. I loved the story line, much more dramatic they previous books, kidnapping (or elephant-napping), ransom and saving the day all whilst maintaining it's usual humorous style.

This time however I do have to say, I think they enjoyed the illustrations just as much as the story, every time they burst into giggles seeing Batpants swinging through the air or aiming tomatoes at her latest victim. A humorous story must always be matched with equally witty and funny illustrations.

I especially liked the huge twist which came towards the last few chapters of the book, I won't give anything away but I definitely did not see it coming! It did however fit in well with the story line and made everything fall into place perfectly. Even if I did spy lots of shocked faces in my audience as I read through this book.

Again another to recommend, especially if you have children around the 7-8 year mark (Or of course a class full of them!) - brilliantly funny and entertaining for parents too.

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