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Krazy Kow Saves the World - Well Almost | Jeremy Strong | Review

Krazy Kow is a superhero and idea thought up by a young boy called Jamie Frink. He wants to turn Krazy Kow's adventures into a film but must overcome exploding strawberries, crazed toddlers and erratic footballs fans first. What could go wrong?!

This is a book by the well-known children's writer Jeremy Strong, it is humorous, entertaining and certainly keeps you on your toes. The books is actually two stories in one, the first being the tale of Jamie Frink who is trying to make his dreams of becoming a film director come true by making a film about Krazy Kow. The second of course is the tale of Krazy Kow. Although I do felt that this worked really well in adding depth to the narrative if I went by feedback from the class I was reading this too, they really enjoyed listening to Krazy Kow's adventures but became a little distracted with Jamie Frink story. I enjoyed both but the target audience that I was reading were less enthusiastic about some chapters.

The story focuses on some real life environmental issues and ecological disasters which when read in the classroom could fuel some brilliant writing activities. Krazy Kow is a interesting and entertaining character, she's amusing but focuses on what is important - what could be more important than saving the world and eating strawberries?

What I liked about Jeremy Strong books is that although their are heaps of silly, humorous names and jokes for the target audience, there is also another level of humor which would go over their heads but not over the heads of a parent or teacher who is reading the book.

I would recommend this book to parents, teachers and children 8+, it's entertaining and funny especially when read out loud, and who knows maybe the heat was distracting my class from the story. (As I certainly enjoyed it).

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