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The Book of Tomorrow | Cecelia Ahern | Review

I picked The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern up when it was first released and read it in 2 sit in’s. Forget everything else I had to do on those days, they didn't matter because all I cared about was being completely lost and utterly engrossed in this story and finding out where it was going to take me next. Since then I’ve gone back to this book on numerous occasions and each time found I could lose myself in the story over and over again.

In an unexpected twist this is actually a book written about a book. There is also obviously a main character, she is a young, selfish and spoilt teen who moves in which her Aunt and Uncle, being forced to get used to the simple things in life and forget about her fancy holidays, big house and expensive clothes.  She ends up with a book from the travelling library, yet all of its pages are blank… however it does not take long for the pages to magically become filled with details…

The Book of Tomorrow is magical, mysterious, heart-warming, funny and unique, there is not a book that I have come across that is anything like this one. The touch of magical which appears in many of Ahern’s book is what makes me go back to them time and time again. She makes the ordinary, exciting and the chic-lit storylines become fascinating and captivating.

If you like books which take you away from reality (but not too far) and have an open mind, The Book of Tomorrow is definitely for you. 5/5 stars

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  1. I also have this book, though i danish, and it's lovely!


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