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The Rough Guide To Europe On A Budget | Rough Guides | Review

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a good travel guide, as I knew we were planning on doing a few trips to different places in Europe. I wanted to be able to just buy one which was pretty much guaranteed to cover any of the places we were going to visit, rather than buying one each time.  I took a chance on this one, I flicked through it and it had lots of places I was interested in so I decided to give it a go.

Now a few years on I’ve used this for 3 different trips to different places in Europe. It is slowly becoming one of my most used books.

Now what I really love about this guide book is that it covers basically everything, how to get there (airports, train stations, coach stations, driving), where to go, what to see, where to eat, where to stay, currency, medical information, emergency information, culture and etiquette, phrases, maps, shopping and entertainment. There is so much information it’s almost like talking to someone who has lived in that place for years. This guide seems to answer all of my questions and isn’t just useful for finding out about where you’re going but has helped me decide on where I want to go too.  You know when you’re at that point where you can’t decide between place A or place B – I turn to this guide for aid.

The only issue I have is the size, which I know I shouldn’t complain about because it has to be that big to fit in 35 countries. It might be practical for at home when you’re researching and planning but not for when you’re actually on your trip (I don’t want that weighing down my luggage when I have more clothes to fit in!)

I’d recommend this guide to anyone who wanted to find out some information of the places around Europe before they jet off on a holiday, as there is so much useful information you’ll forget what the internet is!

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  1. I actually used this guide when I went on a backpacking trip through eastern Europe and it definitely did the job. It really does cover a bit of everything which - when you're nervous or needing some practical reassurance - is super helpful. So definitely agree with your review!


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