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My Mum's Going To Explode | Jeremy Strong | Review

I had never read or heard of Jeremy Strong before September and now suddenly I’ve read 4 of his books! I’m not sure if that was by my own doing or my classes’ enthusiasm for them. Strong has written an endless list of children’s books over the years, some of which focus around one particular family. This is the third of these books which detail Nicholas’s (Slightly crazy) family in which Nicholas loses his status as an only child, Gran moves in and the new arrivals are born in quite an interesting place. (But I won’t give away all the details!)

These books are perfect for children from around the age of 6 to 10 years old, however as an adult reading a children’s book I was still kept amused and entertained. Strong has managed to create a humorous family, who happen to have some unusual neighbours and get themselves in the strangest of situations. I didn’t imagine that I would find myself laughing along to a children’s book at the age of 24. I just couldn’t help it, he takes normal conversations and situations and makes them humorous whilst adding a few extra extremities for good measure.

For many children this book is relatable, as it deals with an issue that many of the eldest children have had to go through when Mum is having another baby.  Nicholas’s struggles and concerns are dealt with, whilst maintaining humour along the way.

I don’t think I was quite aware of how well my class would take to this book, however when you have 25 child sighing with annoyance when you stop reading for the day – you know you’re on to a winner!

Recommended for parents, children and anyone who doesn’t mind being seen reading a children’s book! 5/5 stars

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