Blogger's Bookshelf was born out of a collective love of literature.

The blog itself sprouted from ideas from creators Erin and Ria to form a community of like minded readers, who are bursting to share the stories they love (and hate!). From long novels to short stories, fantasy to gritty crime to fluffy chick lit to epic historical fiction. Books that span to cultures across the globe to those that hit issues closer to home.

Getting lost in a book is escapism at it's finest and it's what everyone who contributes here thrives on.

We hope you will stick around and enjoy reading all of our reviews.

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  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Hi there! I've nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award - congratulations! https://shihtzubookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/blogger-recognition-award-yay-me/