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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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Make Your Own Pure Mineral Makeup is a beautifully designed guide packed full of DIY recipes as well as detailed information on everything from ingredients to equipment, skin types, safe use and more.

The product recipes include easy to follow step-by-step guides and there are full-page photographs showcasing a range of different makeup looks created using the products. There are also many helpful tips included, for example the eye shadow recipes share which colours they will pair well with, which eye colour they suit best as well as other uses as many of the products are multi-purpose.

In addition to the recipes the book includes everything you need to know from guides to face shapes, to advice on the best tools and even how to go about creating and promoting your own brand of mineral makeup. Handy trouble-shooting tips are scattered throughout and an in-depth ingredient glossary makes this a perfect reference book.

Overall I'm very impressed by the book thanks to the attention to detail and amount of information included. It’s clear to see that author Heather Anderson is very passionate about mineral makeup and this book proves she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend picking up a copy if you are interested in mineral makeup, whether it be making your own or finding out how to include more non toxic products into your routine.
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