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Features | MG Books to Look Out For

Whilst I spend a lot of time reading mostly YA books, I have had my eye on a few books aimed at a group of slightly younger readers. Generally, these books are called MG books, and they're a great category of books too. I'm hearing about a lot of really good MG books at the moment, and I'm even branching out and reading a few.

If you want to give reading these books, which I assure you would be a good decision, a go, then here's a few that you might want to try.

  1. See You In The Cosmos, Carl Sagan by Jack Cheng. OK, this one isn't out until March here in the UK. But, Penguin Random House were nice enough to send me a proof copy, and it's honestly a heartwarming and heartbreaking tale, about a boy named Alex who has started making audio recordings on a Golden iPod, in order to launch them into space for an extraterrestrial race to listen to. His life is rather complicated though, and his mission to blast off will send him on a great roadtrip. I may be pushing it by calling this book MG, because I don't think it's worth limiting this book to one age group. I really enjoyed this book and the way it's told. 
  2. Radio Boy by Christian O'Connell. This book is out now, and listeners to radio in the UK may be familiar with Christian's name already. Christian presents the Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio in the UK, and Radio Boy, his first novel, tells the story of Spike who is the first presenter to get sacked from hospital radio. He decides to carry on from a makeshift studio in his shed, disguising his voice and presenting an online show. But as he gets more successful, can he remain anonymous? Whilst I haven't had a chance to read this particular title just yet, I've heard a lot of really positive things about it from bloggers I follow in the community, and I do want to give this book a go in the near future!
  3. Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson. This is another book I haven't yet had the chance to read yet, but again many bloggers I follow are talking really highly of this book and there was plenty of buzz around this at last week's Scholastic Blogger Feast too. Matthew has OCD and he's trapped in his bedroom by it. That's until he's the last person to see his neighbour's toddler, Teddy, go missing. Matthew must turn detective and help unravel the mystery. It's billed as perfect for fans of The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime (which I loved), so I will eventually give this one a go. 
So those are some of my picks if you want to give MG a go, which I think is a great idea if you do! 

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