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Group Collaboration | Favourite Fictional Side-Kicks

This month's group post looks at the often forgotten heroes of the fictional world, the side-kicks!

We're shifting focus away from the heroes and heroines of our favourite novels to shine the spotlight on the characters who perhaps don't get as much love. Whether they're prepping our main character ready for a battle to the death, or offering a shoulder to cry on in tough times, the fictional side-kick is always there to lend a hand. After all a protagonist is really nothing without their support system right?

Let take a look at who our bloggers picked as their favourite fictional side-kicks...


Who are your favourite fictional side-kicks?

Our April group post will have us asking you guys which fictional characters you would invite to your fantasy dinner party! If you'd like more information about getting involve email us at

*all book covers via GoodReads, Hunger Games image via Uplifting Words Online
Contributors: Ria, Anjali, Cat, Erin

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