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Luckiest Girl Alive | Jessica Knoll | Reviewed by Christina

I hate when people compare one author to another or one book to a similar one, so instead I'm going to say: If you like Gillian Flynn's writing - you will love this book. Luckiest Girl Alive is about TifAni FaNelli, a woman who has always dreamed of the socialite middle-class life but belonged to a family of cheap wannabes. Being sent to a prestigious private school and later becoming engaged to a rich blue blood man - she gradually forced her way into a world she was desperate to be a part of.  The book uses consecutive chapters jumping from the past events to the present day and comes together nicely at the end in a very neat yet intricate way. To say much more about the plot would be a spoiler - the less you know about this book the better. 

I really liked that we saw both the present day Ani and the girl she was as a teenager - meaning we got to see how she was now, alongside what made her that way. I can't imagine the story working as well as it did if it hadn't been written this way. The story itself was twisted and the writing style was complex and dark with messed-up characters - which is great for fans of Gillian Flynn like myself. I loved that the story was from Ani's point of view as being inside her mind was a confusing and dark place to be at times, and I really enjoyed that. 

I was slightly disappointed at the ending, it wasn't quite as twisty as I was hoping for, but I liked seeing how things played out despite being fairly predictable. The book may have benefited from a bigger twist at the ending but I still really enjoyed this book, I look forward to seeing more from this author and I would definitely recommend picking up this book if you like darker character-based thrillers - though I wouldn't recommend reading if you are at all sensitive to topics of sexual abuse or similar topics are a trigger for you. Luckiest Girl Alive will be out May 12th 2015. 

This post was written by regular reviewer Christina. Get to know her here!

This book was received through NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

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