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Sidekick | Auralee Wallace | Review


When I saw Sidekick pop up on Netgalley I was instantly intrigued by the superhero inspired cover. I couldn’t resist taking a chance on it… and I’m very glad I did!

The story follows Bremy the daughter of a very rich family who has left behind her socialite partying lifestyle for independence in the big city. Living undercover and struggling to make rent Bremy needs to make money fast.

After a couple of unfortunate ‘wrong place wrong time’ run-ins with the Sultana and her performers who are committing various crimes and threatening local citizens, Bremy meets Dark Ryder the city’s famous vigilante superhero. With her money problems spiralling and her newfound taste for fighting crime Bremy embarks on a new venture to become Dark Ryder’s sidekick. Of course, this doesn’t go all that smoothly for Bremy as with no real superhero skills she has to muddle her way through some tricky situations on her determined attitude alone.

As a protagonist I really enjoyed following Bremy on her journey, she is a strong character and definitely grew over the course of the story. The book also has a whole host of other interesting characters from Bremy’s father & twin sister, to handsome reporter Pierce and bizarre neighbour Queenie.

Sidekick is a refreshing, fun read and an impressive debut. This unique story is definitely a new favourite for me, packed with action, adventure and superheroes – what’s not to like?!
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