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Blogger's Bookshelf In Numbers | 1st Birthday Celebrations

We're only a few days away from our first birthday here at Blogger's Bookshelf! And to celebrate we've got a couple of cool posts lined up in the next few weeks to let you get to know us - plus a few little surprises...

First up! A year is a pretty long time and it can be hard to try and write down everything that's happened in just over 12 here's a handy infographic at just what we've been up to here on the blog...
BB Infographic 2013 part1 BB Infographic 2013 part2

Hope you enjoyed that! Let us know what you thought and keep one eye open for more birthday celebration posts in the next few days...


  1. Aww how exciting! I think you've done amazingly well over the past year, here's to the next! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. This.Looks.AMAZING! Well done guys!
    I can't believe it's been an entire year! Incredible!
    Ria and Erin, you have done an amazing job at running this; it truly is an amazing blog to be a part of! High fives all round!


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