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Being A Book Blogger | Interview with Bex, Louise & Glynis aka Hanging On Every Word

I'm really excited to share this week's interview post with you as for the first time in the series we are featuring a fellow collaborative book blog! Today we're talking to three lovely members of the Hanging On Every Word blogging team - Bex, Glynis & Louise.

Here's what the girls had to say about ebooks, favourite reviews and being part of a book blogging team...


BB: Similarly to Blogger's Bookshelf, Hanging On Every Word is a collaborative blog. Could you tell us a little bit about where the idea came from and how you put together your team?

Bex: I decided I wanted to start a book blog but I knew I'd be unable to commit fully to it whilst working, writing my own blog, guest reviewing for My Keeper Shelf and being a mum. I tweeted out asking if anyone would be interested in getting involved and the response was phenomenal! I am also planning to be more active with the blog now I am back to being at home.

Louise: Me and Bex had talked about it quite a few times in the past because we're both book worms and constantly recommending books to each other. Eventually Bex set it at all up and where we'd talked about it on Twitter, other people saw and became interested and then there we were!

Glynis: Bex suggested it via Twitter and asked for anyone interested to let her know, so I did!

BB: What is your favourite part about being a member of a blogging team?

B: Being able to share some fantastic reads!

L: It's just really nice to be part of something as a team, blogging can help you feel really accepted and it's such a friendly hobby. It's nice that there's quite a few of us because it means the reviews are varied, for example I don't read a lot of 'classic' books but other members of the team do, so it's a real mix of book reviews. Also, not everyone always has time to blog so it's nice that when I don't have any content to go up, there's always someone else that has something written. Finally, it feels pretty cool being part of an online book club!

G: I like the variety of writing and reading styles, and it's nice to be part of a team. I like it when Bex includes her team in a #ff tweet each week!

BB: Tell us about how you got into reviewing, or which of your reviews so far are you most proud of?

G: I've been writing reviews on and off for years, but more so on a regular basis about a year ago. I like to publish my thoughts on each book I read as a way to relive the book.

L: Probably Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, simply because I struggled with it a little. It was such a diverse book for me that I found it tough to explain, but I was happy with the end result.

B: My Soul Beach review - although that will be updated shortly with a full review of the whole Soul Beach trilogy!

BB: We're always looking for recommendations, if you had to choose 3 favourite reads of 2013 so far what would they be?

G: Skellig by David Almond, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, Witch Child by Celia Rees. All YA books!

L: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, Rock Me by Cherie Lynn and About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk (which I've only began to read today but is already a firm favourite!)

B: Transcendence by CJ Omolulu - This just amazed me. It kept me completely captivated and I couldn't put it down! Soul Storm by Kate Harrison - The final book in the Soul Beach trilogy and a worthy ending! Brightest Kind of Darkness by PT Michelle - I reviewed this over on Lesley's blog (My Keeper's Shelf,) - such a fresh idea for a series!


BB: Do you have any favourite book to film or TV adaptations?

B: I love the majority of the Agatha Christie adaptations although the most recent ones haven't been my cup of tea; so much has been changed from the books!

L: I really loved all the adaptions of Warm Bodies, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and Whip It. I was a bit apprehensive about Warm Bodies because the book is so serious and they totally made the film from a romcom point of view, but it was still good. My most favourite would have to be Whip It though, if even because of the sexy male lead, Landon Pigg *drool*.

BB: Back in March we talked ebooks in a post titled 'Team Paper vs Team Plastic'. Where do you stand on this debate? Are you a fan of the ereader?

B: I go through phases. Sometimes I love physical copies and other times I love nothing more than my Kindle - it is definitely my favourite when it comes to travelling!

G: I love e readers. I like that I can access a dictionary whilst reading, share a quote via social media so my reading experience is shared. However, you can't display e books on shelves in your home, you can't hold or feel the pages, you cannot come across a book and find a receipt used a bookmark that reminds you of a happy moment in time. I like both books and e books and mix the two.

L: I'm a die hard fan of books as opposed to e-readers. I can understand the benefits of them, but being such a book worm myself, to me just holding the book in my hand is comforting. It's so nice to have a physical copy of a book and I just love that people own old copies of their favourite books that they've re-read over and over the years, pages creased, corners folded down, even stains in the book (normally hot chocolate or tea stains for me!). I've also kept battered old copies of books in the hope that I can one day give them to my future children to read - just the books that have a lot of meaning to me - and have books given to me from my family! I've even got books that I can just look at to be reminded of my childhood.

BB: Now for a couple of fun questions! If you could swap lives with any fictional character for the day who would you choose and why?

G: Anne Shirley of Green Gables. I love her passion for life, she lives it to the full. Imagine living on Prince Edward Island. And of course she gets her man. Yes I'd like to swap with Anne for a day!

B: Miss Marple - I'd love to know she works all these crimes out! Haha.

L: Definitely Angela from the I Heart Series. She lives in New York, has the coolest job ever, her best friend constantly styles her with amazing clothes and she's got a gorgeous other half who is a rockstar. So jealous.

BB: Which characters, from different books/series, would you like to see cross paths in a new story?

G: This is a tricky one. How about Jonathan Strange/Mr Norrell and Harry Potter? Perhaps HP could help the two magicians dispell the eternal darkness!


BB: Which book do you wish you'd written?

L: Any of the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk. I'm not 100% sure but I like to believe that she'd travelled to places like Las Vegas and L.A for inspiration for the books, and the books are just everything I'm about. Travel, being inspired, blogging and having a hot rockstar boyfriend. Which I don't have, YET, but will hopefully one day.

B: Probably predictable but any of the Harry Potter or Hunger Games series.

BB: Finally, apart from Hanging On Every Word of course, which other book blogs or booktube channels would you recommend our readers check out?

G: Librarian Girl and fellow collaborators' book blogs of course! I also like Wear the OldCoat and Classics Club.

B: My Keeper's Shelf, Books Biscuits and Tea, Reading In The Sunshine, Curiosity Killed the Bookworm

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I'd like to say a huge thank you from all of us here at BB to Louise, Bex & Glynis for taking part in this interview.
If you are a booktuber or book blogger and would like to be featured in a similar post we'd love to hear from you - just email us at for information!

Interview & post by Erin 

Images via Hanging On Every Word & Goodreads


  1. Thanks for showing me my new obsession. I love collaborative book review blogs! I only write new book reviews every wednesday (when I can!) alongside beauty and fashion posts the rest of the week, and I find that infuriating! Maybe I need to branch out and start a new collaborative book-only blog instead! I've also found some new interesting sounding books to check out thanks to this interview! :) Thanks!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Christina!
      If you ever want to write more reviews we'd love to have you guest post for us here at BB :)


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