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Group Collaboration | Our Favourite Protagonists & Main Characters

Last month we asked you to tell us about your favourite main characters/protagonists and why you love them so much. Here's what you had to say...

fave mcs ria

fave mcs lucy

fave mcs erine

fave mcs lulu

fave mcs laura

fave mcs cat

fave mcs anjali

Don't forget to let us know who your favourites are in the comments!

Next month we have an exciting summer holiday themed topic titled 'Wish You Were Where?'
If you could visit any place from a book, real or fictional, where would you choose and why? From Middle-Earth to Hogwarts, New York to Paris, we want to know your ideal holiday destination!

Email your answers to, tweet us @blog_bookshelf or leave a comment on either our Facebook wall or Goodreads group to be featured in the post.

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