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This Charming Man| Marian Keyes | Reviewed by Laura

This book has been sat on my bookshelf desperate to be read for months, the main reason for not reading it was… its length. Starting to read a book with a hefty 800 + pages (Although according to goodreads it’s only 704…) is quite daunting and what if I don’t like it? I’m one of these people who have to finish a book no matter what, and if I hated it, it would probably take me months to get through.

Having read some of Keyes previous books however I finally decided to give this one a go as I had always enjoyed her previous work. Although this book comes under the chic-lit heading I do feel that this is quite a serious book for this genre. Yes it has amusing aspects, is clearly written for the female audience and tackles romance and shoes; it does however take on the more serious issue of domestic violence.

It is written around the lives of 4 women who are all linked by one man. You meet each woman one by one and learn about their lives. I always find that when books are written in this way that I always like one storyline better, and would rather skip pages just so you get back to that one quicker. I can however honestly say I enjoyed all the characters and their stories which made this book extremely enjoyable although sometimes difficult (due to the delicate issue) to read.

I did however have one issue with this book. When reading from one of the main characters viewpoint it switches into a diary style of writing which normally I do not mind. However when it switches it also stopped being written in extended sentences. So for example ‘Drive to Knockavoy. Planned to pack up and return to Dublin. Suddenly keen to get it done.’ These are the short sharp sentences which make up most of this characters chapters. I found it frustrating to read as it left me longing for full sentences and details.  This is however the only aspect of the book which I can fault!

I would recommend this book to any chic-lit fan although if you’re not fan longer books this probably isn’t for you.

4/5 stars

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  1. I’m one of these people who have to finish a book no matter what, and if I hated it, it would probably take me months to get through. serrurier le haillan


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