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The Little Red Wolf | Amelie Flechais | Review

*Image and book provided by NetGalley for an honest review.


In a twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, a young wolf cub, who's always wearing his read hood, is sent to his grandmother's to bring her a rabbit to eat. But he has to be careful not to fall in the trap of the evil Huntsman and his daughter.


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This was such a beautiful read! While it's not a picture book for every kid (plenty of dark scenes) each page had such brilliant imagery. The color and font choices were so well picked and went along with the story perfectly.  I really want to get a hardcopy of this so that I can get a really good, long look at the artwork. Also, if you think the little wolf on the cover is cute, wait until you see him with his puppy-dog eyes! 

Flechais is an incredibly enchanting storyteller. I wasn't able to be distracted by anything until I had finished the book. I'm almost always a fan of a new twist on an old story and this story is spot on. I absolutely loved the change in dynamic. The characters were even given motivation for their parts in the tale. 

This book might be a bit too scary for toddler aged kids, but from about 5-6 and up, this would be an entertaining book to read to or with your child. My nephew absolutely loves wolves so I'm getting him this for Christmas. 

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