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Bookish Links #31

1. Read Women Month 2017 - we're kicking off this roundup with a post from team BB writer Anastasia who is hosting her annual Read Women Month throughout June. It's definitely not too late to join in and you can find out more over on her blog!

2. A Song For Tomorrow - we enjoyed Josie's review of Alice Peterson's book, including her personal connection to the story and thoughts on how accurately it portrays CF.

3. Beach Reads - if you're on the lookout for the best summer reads this post has some great ideas. Also, keep an eye out for our group post this month as we'll be talking about our top picks!

4. Who Are Your Favourites? - are your favourite YA characters the same as everyone elses? This Buzzfeed poll post looks at the most popular characters from Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, Divergent and more.

5. One For The Horror Fans - we love The Black Tapes Podcast so can't wait to check out some of the books on this list from Riveted Lit whilst we wait for season 3. Have you read any of these titles?

6. Aussie YA - on the lookout for an anthology? In this post Jess talks all about Begin End Begin a collection from popular Australian YA authors. We think it sounds like a great read (and how beautiful is that cover?!).

7. Best Audiobooks - looking for a way to improve your daily commute? Check out this list of ten audiobooks guaranteed to beat the boredom.

8. Flash Fiction - if you enjoy flash fiction you'll love Sonya Cheney's writing blog. Do you write your own flash fiction? Let us know in the comments!

9. Love A Good Mystery? - Goodreads recently shared a list of the top 10 YA mysteries on the site. What are your favourite YA mystery titles?

10. Tackling TBR Guilt - our final link of the month comes from Kelly, the newest member of team BB, who recently wrote about her reasons for no longer feeling guilty about her TBR pile. Keep an eye out for Kelly's first post here next week!

If you've read or written an interesting bookish article you think our readers would enjoy please let us know - it may be featured in a future post!   

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