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The Waiting Room | Alysha Kaye | Review


Nina and Jude are a happily married couple working on building a family. Then Jude gets hit by a truck and wakes up in The Waiting Room. This is the room where all souls go before they get reborn. The average wait time is 5-20 minutes. Jude ends up waiting for over 50 years, waiting for Nina. Next time, it's Nina's turn to pass away first. They are an anomaly in this system that no one fully understands, so Nina decides to start looking for answers every time they're in The Waiting Room.


I'm the first person to tell you that love stories aren't my thing. I don't even generally like love stories mixed in with my action/adventure/etc. stories. That being said, this book was a nice distraction. It was pleasant to read all the different iterations of their relationship. All the things that were different and all the things the same. We don't get a lot of answers about what The Waiting Room is or how it works. What we do learn, though, is interesting and optimistic. I appreciated that Nina and Jude didn't have a picture perfect relationship. They have their arguments each incarnation and between. This book is a very optimistic perspective on love and death. If you're in the market for a nice distraction with a central love story, I recommend this.

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