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Monday, 13 October 2014

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pumpkin cinema

Pumpkin Cinema is a new non-fiction title all about the perfect films and more to watch this Halloween! The book covers a wide variety of horror for all ages with some surprising titles thrown in along the way.

There are over 100 titles featured throughout the book and each film title is followed up by a short synopsis as well as easy-to-find information including the director, runtime, rating and principal cast. Author Tolle talks us through his choices with an engaging tone and from this well-researched book you can tell he has a real passion for horror.

One of the nice things about the book is that it also features not only films but also shorts and specific Halloween-themed TV episodes from well-known shows so there really is something for everyone. The final section is made up of two full pages of ‘top 5’ lists giving quick recommendations whether you’re looking for witches, vampires, haunted houses, or Michael Myers. There’s even a top 5 list for ‘pets that turn to the dark side’!

The layout itself is easy to follow and works well visually as it is littered with colour images of the film’s posters and stills. As the titles are listed alphabetically its also easy to look up something specific quickly and with such variety I’ve definitely discovered a few more titles to add to my own to-watch list!

Pumpkin Cinema is a great little read, particularly for this time of year, and would make the perfect gift or coffee table book for anyone who loves all things horror or Halloween!

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