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Mairi's Mermaid | Michael Morpurgo | Review

Mairi can't swim but her older brother can and he says it's easy! You just have to pretend you are a mermaid - but mermaids aren't real are they? One day Mairi saves what she thinks is a little fish from the claws of a horrible crab only to discover that it is in fact a mermaid. Maybe she can help her learnt to swim?

This is such a gorgeous stories, prominently for little girls who love to imagine a world under the ocean where mermaids live and play. Not only is this a story of a young girl learning to swim but also of kindness as ocean creatures and Mairi work together to help each other.

The illustration are an added bonus within this story allowing it to be even more captivating , I especially enjoyed the little bubbles with extra antidotes inside, for example: "Where did you get that finbag?" "From a little plaice I know!"

Although the description and imagery are not as impressive as previous Morpurgo books I know, this story does not require such vocabulary as it lets the readers imagination take control. This is especially easy when Mairi visits the mermaid under ocean home to meet lots of new friends.

I would recommend this to any children around the age of 5-8 years, it's easy to read and understand with some important messages incorporated.

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  1. It seems pretty cool but I probably wouldn't read it at the age of 16. Good review though! :)


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